China's sewing machinery products are gradually becoming stronger

Source:GREAT KNIVES MANUFACTURE CO.,LTD.(CHINA)Release time:2019-09-21

China's sewing machinery products are gradually shifting to high-speed, intelligent, and versatile, and household sewing machines are returning. China's sewing machinery products have become increasingly solid in the international market.

After the transfer of Europe and the United States to Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore, the world sewing machine industry has been fully transferred to China since the early 1990s. At present, more than 70 sewing machines are produced in China. China's sewing machinery products have gradually become stronger in the international market.

Prospective Industry Research Institute “2011-2015 China Sewing Machinery Industry Production and Sales Demand and Investment Forecast Analysis Report” shows that the sewing machinery manufacturing industry has a high dependence on the downstream textile and garment industry, and the development of the textile and garment industry directly affects the sewing machinery manufacturing. The operation of the industry.

In 2008-2009, affected by the international financial crisis, the global textile and garment industry was hit hard, affecting the sewing machinery manufacturing industry, and the industry's output value fell. The complex, difficult and uncertain economic situation makes it more difficult for enterprises to make judgments and decisions; the transformation and innovation of China's own industry development model under high cost constraints;

After 2011, the development of the industry showed a recovery momentum, and the scale of the industry showed a spurt of growth. In 2011, the industry's growth trend slowed down and gradually restored to rationality. From the development mode of imitation to independent innovation; from low-cost strategy to differentiated strategy; from low-value-added and low-end competition in the industrial chain to high-efficiency energy-saving automation and high-end extension of the industrial chain; from single-handedly to cooperation win. The number of exports in the first half of the year will remain low or negative. As clothing companies face insufficient demand and increased competition, issues such as raw material prices and labor costs may continue to rise.

The Research Group of the Sewing Machinery Industry of the Foresight Industry Research Institute stated that in order to meet the pursuit of efficiency by downstream companies in the future, sewing machinery products will gradually shift to high-speed, intelligent and versatile. At home and abroad, the overall demand is weak, orders are shrinking, and growth momentum is insufficient. At the same time, with the increase in income and lifestyle changes of some people, household sewing machines have returned.