Business Profile

Founded in 1983 by Mr Chen Fuchao, Great Knives Manufacturer Co Ltd(china) has finally established itself as a fabric cutting machine andsewing parts manufacturer after 37-year development by incorporating individual wisdom into strength of a team. As a result of development and continuous innovation on which Fuchao team has persisted on,  (Mark) has become the top choice for fabric cutting knives abrasive belts and other sewing components and enjoys great brand influence on the globe. With Fuchao brand value increasing year by year, Fuchao brand is well known to the world sewing industry.

Evolvement of abrasive belt for fabric cutting machine

Mr Chen Fuchao developed China’s first abrasive belt for the fabric cutting machine in 1983. Through 12-year deposition and development, the great brand of Fuchao was created. Through years’ persistent innovation and growth, Fuchao has become the top famous brand in the domestic abrasive belt industry and hence the top choice for large and medium garment manufacturers.By upholding the principle of integrity and mutual benefit, Fuchao has established and maintained long-term strategic partnership with brand name customers over numerous global customers and become the leading enterprise in the sector.