Founded in 1983 by Mr CHEN FUCHAO, The Great Knives Manufacturer Co Ltd has rapidly developed and innovated more than 36 years.Through the ways of self-building and taking equity participation,Now the this company owns 4 manufacturing factories. FUCHAO and GOLDEN EAGLE had become the preferred brand in the world for fabric cutting knives,abrasive belts,binder,thread cutter&scissors and other sewing machine parts products.With the value of this brand in creasing year by year,this brand are well known in the world sewing industry and highlights the value of MADE IN CHINA.
  • Company Concept
    Employees and Enterprises Develop Together,
    Team Collaboration Create a Better Future
  • Team Spirit
    Individual wisdom is only a cloud;
    team strength is the boundless horizon.
  • Service Idea
    Commitments to customers are fulfilled within a time limit; only selling authentic products, high-quality products, no imitation and no fake business principles
Add: NO.315-1 Hulu Sewing Machine Parts Market, Dongyang,Zhejiang, China
Tel: 86-17757961818
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